Why You Should Choose Sacrificial Magnesium Anodes: Protecting The Life Of Your Boat

When it comes to the long term health and durability of your boat, there are a few major things that can impact on its lifespan. Arguably, the biggest threat to your boat's durability, is the impact of prolonged corrosion. Regardless of how often you take your boat out into the murky seas, corrosion will chip away and break down the metal interior and exterior. To stop the impact of corrosion, you will want to create a safeguard around the vulnerable metal in your boat, whether it's steel or iron.

Magnesium anodes are great for protecting the metal segments on your boat. You can typically attach one of these anodes wherever you have a connection between similar metals, or differing metals. Therefore, the magnesium anodes can be placed between the skeg, shaft, rudder, hull and in the raw water system unit on the engine.  It is particularly important to safeguard the raw water system. This is because the system circulates and cools fresh or salt water within the engine.

Here are a few reasons why magnesium anodes are the right chose for protecting your boat:  

Little Maintenance 

Maintaining the exterior and engine of your boat takes enough of your time. When you have installed a number of magnesium anodes around your boat, there is little maintenance needed to retain the effectiveness. Typically, you will need to replace the anode after 1/3 or 1/2 of the anode has disappeared.

Note: to prolong the life of your magnesium anodes, it is advised that you clean them occasionally. When you remove any layers of corrosion, you are able to expose fresh metal on the anode. This will provide extra security from corrosion within your boat interior.

One magnesium anode can range from $50-100 each, depending on the size required. As a result,  it won't leave a dent in your wallet in the long-run.

Easy To Install

One of the great benefits of installing magnesium anodes, is the simplicity involved. Most anodes will come with lead wires, which you can use to attach the anodes to the metal structures on your boat.

There are a few ways that you can install the anodes. One of the methods is to drill small holes, which will allow you to attach fixing studs onto the boat. After this, you can attach the anodes. Should you need extra security, you can have the anodes welded onto the boat to keep them in place.

There you have it. Taking care of your boat can be a hassle. By installing sacrificial magnesium anodes, you can feel comfortable knowing that the impact of corrosion isn't cause for concern. Good luck.