Do You Need an Electric Bed and You Just Haven’t Realised It?

Electric beds are used by tens of thousands of Australian's all over the country, and more and more people are picking them out each year. There are numerous reasons why someone might choose to spend a bit extra on a more premium product, but did you know that a lot of them are for health-related reasons? Even if you don't think of yourself as particularly unwell, you could be ignoring signs that are telling you your body needs a bit more support from an electric bed. Here are three symptoms that indicate you would sleep better in an electric bed.


Diabetes affects so many people in Australia, and most people either know someone with a form of diabetes or suffer from this condition themselves. One of the main issues with diabetes, as it progresses, is blood flow to your extremities. When you are sleeping you don't even realise that your legs aren't getting enough oxygen through your veins, and this can cause major issues the longer it lasts. Electric beds can help reduce this pain and swelling by allowing your legs to comfortably be raised to a more acceptable level which still allows you to sleep easy but protects you from this long-term risk. 

Sleep Apnea

You might not even know how bad your sleep apnea has gotten and often it is the partners of people who suffer from it that let them know they need to see a professional about it. If you are feeling lethargic all the time and sleep doesn't seem to help, you might want to see your doctor and there is a very good chance they might recommend an electric bed for you. These beds help you breathe with clear airways without the use of other medical aids, and for younger people especially they can be a gamechanger.


Digestion issues are not something to take lightly, and reflux is one of the most uncomfortable and problematic symptoms many people face. The issue is that so many people who do suffer from it eat dinner just before bed and end up feeling sick and uncomfortable for hours. Electric beds take that pressure off your stomach and allow you to have a raised head and upper torso which reduces the feeling of reflux and helps speed up digestion. If you have ever suffered from reflux and waited for ages before sleeping so that it was easier for you, then you know just how valuable electric beds could have been!