3 Reasons to Install an Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lift in Your Home

If you want to install a wheelchair lift in your home, then you can choose from a stand-alone vertical platform lift or an inclined unit that runs up your stairs. In some cases, an inclined lift is a better option. When should you install this kind of lift?

1. You're Short on Space

You need a certain amount of free space to install a vertical platform lift. These units typically run by the side of a staircase. You have to make room for the platform and its operating parts.

If you don't currently have enough space around your stairs or can't make more space in this area, then a vertical lift isn't a viable solution. It simply won't fit.

If you don't have any room around your staircase, then an inclined platform wheelchair lift is the best option. These lifts run up the inside of a staircase. Their platforms fold down when someone needs to use them and then fold away after use so that they don't affect stair space for other people.

2. You Have a Tight Budget

Vertical platform wheelchair lifts might be more expensive than you can afford right now. While a simple installation might not cost too much, more complex builds can be expensive.

For example, if you don't already have a perfect spot for a lift, then you are likely to have to do some building work to prepare the space. You'll have to pay for structural changes on top of your purchase and installation costs.

Building and conversion costs can increase if you need to site a lift around curved or multi-storey staircases. You might need to install a larger platform in a central location.

Inclined platform wheelchair lifts should keep your costs within budget. You simply need to buy the lift and pay for its installation. You don't need to make any structural changes to your staircase or its surrounding areas. Plus, you can install these lifts on curved and multi-storey staircases.

3. You Want a Temporary Solution

In some cases, you might not want a permanent lift installed in your home. For example, you might want to give a member of your family a way to get up and down stairs while they are temporarily wheelchair-bound after an accident or injury. You won't need the lift forever.

Inclined platform lifts work well as temporary solutions. They are quick to install and remove. Plus, you won't be left with structural changes once you take the lift out.

For more information, contact wheelchair lifts manufacturers or suppliers.