4 Screen-Printing Tips to Save More Time and Money on Custom T-Shirts

Owning a screen-printing shop might demand a lot of investment in time, effort and money. Whether you are running an SME or a large-scale business, understanding how to cut extra costs and save time is paramount. However, saving money and time without sacrificing some aspects can be challenging. Finishing your projects quickly at the least cost is fantastic, but it should never compromise quality and the client's expectations. 

When tasked with a screen-printing project for custom t-shirts, consider these four tips to help save more money and time without sacrificing the expected quality:

Consider Re-Using Supplies Where Possible

If your custom screen-printing results don't turn out pretty well as anticipated, you'll essentially end up losing more money by discarding wasted ink and t-shirts. Ideally, a more cost-effective approach would be to reclaim the unused ink. Also, instead of throwing away the t-shirts, keep them aside for testing purposes for upcoming projects. 

Lower Your Supply Consumption

There are various ways you can limit your supply consumption without compromising product quality and still save more money. For example, opt for water-based adhesives applied directly instead of aerosol spray adhesives that cause a lot of wastage. 

Additionally, some chemical supplies might require diluting before application. However, you might consider cutting corners by skipping this step. While this process might eat away a little time, diluting prevents you from wasting your chemical supplies. Besides, you don't have to waste time placing frequent orders when your chemicals run out. 

Purchase Your Supplies in Bulk

Whether running a small or extensive screen-printing project, buying your supplies from wholesalers in bulk can save you more time and money. However, if you have space limitations, consider supplies you often require, like ink, and stock them up to save more time o recurrent orders. In a case where you'll be screen-printing custom t-shirts, consider buying them in bulk as well. Generally, suppliers will often offer cheaper deals for products bought in bulk than in single pieces. 

Establish Some Restrictions 

When screen-printing custom t-shirts, you want to do your best and satisfy your client's needs. However, failing to set meaningful restrictions might come at a costly expense. Therefore, depending on the scope of your screen-printing project, establish some limits on maximum order quantities. 

Lastly, you can also restrict the number of locations the t-shirts must be printed or charge more for intricate printable designs. Setting restrictions is an excellent way to avoid wasting time and money on non-profitable projects. 

For more information on t-shirt screenprinting, contact a professional near you.