When You Should Schedule an Asbestos Test

Some homeowners may not know when they should have an asbestos test done on their property and could be putting their lives at risk in case asbestos becomes friable and is inhaled by family members. This article discusses some situations that should prompt you to have an asbestos test done so that you avoid exposing your household to this hazardous material.

Before Renovations

It is advisable to have an asbestos test done before you have any renovations done in your home. This test should be done before you select a contractor to do the renovations. This is because the cost of the project may change significantly in case asbestos abatement has to be done before the renovation work begins. A timely test enables you to adjust your funding plans for the renovation work.

Before You Purchase a Home

Another reason for you to conduct an asbestos test is just before you buy a new home. This test will enable you to get accurate information about what you need to do about any asbestos that is found in that home. For instance, you may need to conduct urgent repairs in order to repair asbestos-containing materials, such as the siding, that are damaged. Such repairs may raise the cost of buying the home since they must be done before your family moves in. Prior knowledge can enable you to renegotiate the purchase price or look for another home.

After Your Home is Damaged

You should also have an asbestos test done when your house has been damaged, such as after a major fire or earthquake. This is important because previously stable asbestos may have become unstable. Additionally, a previous asbestos test may not have identified all the asbestos present in your home. The test that is done once the home is damaged will give you all the information that you need in order to make sure that your family is safe from any existing asbestos.

Before Demolition

It is also necessary to have asbestos inspections done before you demolish any part of your home, such as the garage. Such a test may save you from being held liable in case the demolition crew is exposed to asbestos that you hadn't known about. It will also save you from being exposed to the fibres that can become airborne in case the demolition proceeds before that asbestos is removed.

Your family is likely to be safe from asbestos exposure if you have a test done whenever each of the situations above applies.