When It's Always Recommended That You Use the Services of a Migration Agent

Moving to a foreign country doesn't always mean that you should use a migration agent to assist; you may have a sponsor from the company where you work and they fill out the paperwork for you or you may be planning on marrying a citizen in that country, which might also make the process easier on you overall. However, there are many times when it's good to use the services of a migration agent so you can better understand what's expected of you and ensure you have the best chance of getting approval for your visa. Note a few times when you might consider using such a professional for your move.

Criminal past

A criminal past doesn't always mean that you will be denied entrance to a particular country, but usually this depends on the record you have. Very often, petty crimes that are years old won't hold up your visa application, but consider that crimes considered violent, political in nature or that happened recently may make it more difficult for you to be allowed entrance.

You don't want to assume that these crimes will mean you can't get a visa, but a migration agent can help to better assess how it might affect your application. He or she can also ensure you're not omitting anything from your application about your criminal history, assuming it will help get it approved but which might have it rejected once your criminal record is discovered.

If you're not sure your marriage will be recognised

Not every country recognises same-sex marriage, even if the marriage is valid in your home country. You may also have been married at a religious ceremony or church that wasn't recognised by your own country or may have otherwise been married in a civil union that might not be considered a valid marriage in a new country for whatever reason.

If your partner has already obtained a visa and you're looking to join him or her, don't assume that these situations mean that you will be automatically rejected. In many cases, a migration agent can find an alternative 'partner' visa for which you might be eligible, even though you wouldn't be legally recognised as that person's spouse. These visas may require more paperwork to prove the long-standing relationship, and a migration agent from a company like Fisa Pty Ltd can help you determine the best way to support your application so you and your partner can stay together in your new country.