Three Crucial Factors for Pressure Washer Selection

Pressure washers can significantly upgrade your cleaning practices and reduce the total amount of water consumed for major cleaning tasks. In simple terms, this equipment releases water at high velocity, ensuring that dirt and grime is stripped away efficiently. Also, less water is required for the pressure cleaning work, particularly in comparison to a normal garden hose. In general, if you are interested in pressure washing your property, you can choose to rent the equipment or purchase. Both options have their benefits, but the latter is more favourable in terms of long-term financial implications. Regardless of your choice, here are the most important factors to consider when selecting your pressure washer.

Power Options

There are two primary power options that you can choose for your pressure washer. These are fuel and electricity. Electrical pressure washers are popular because the power is readily available within any property. They operate quietly, so they can be used in relatively sensitive environments. In addition, these machines are lightweight, which makes them ideal when moving from area to another. Fuel pressure washers can be driven by petrol or diesel. This power option allows the equipment to deliver more power. Consequently, this equipment can handle tougher cleaning tasks. A hot water diesel driven washer is also more flexible because it does not need to be close to the power outlets. On the other hand, it will be noisier, which can be an inconvenience.

Nozzles and Lances

You should evaluate the lances and nozzles attached to the pressure washing equipment. This will affect the ease of use and determine the cleaning efficiency of the machine. The lance refers to the tube component which connects the main body of the washer to the nozzle or the tip. If you acquire a basic pressure washer, you will only have a single nozzle and lance. This means that the product will be inexpensive, but your cleaning options will be limited. If you want to change the pressure, you will have to change the distance between the nozzle and pertinent surface. Alternatively, you can choose a pressure washer with a variable lance which can be adjusted to create a broad or narrow jet. Other options include interchangeable wands, rotating nozzles and angled lance.

Accessories Compatibility

There are numerous optional cleaning accessories which are suitable for different cleaning tasks. You should make certain that your pressure washing equipment is compatible with these for better performance. Useful accessories include brushes, extension wands or lances, detergent tanks and surface scrubbers. If you want to use optional attachments, confirm compatibility first.