Five Signs You Need a Ute Crane

A ute crane is a crane that attaches to the bed of your ute (or utility vehicle). These small cranes can help lift substantially more weight than you can lift on your own, and they don't take up as much room as a full size crane. Wondering if it's the right time to invest in a ute crane. Here are five signs you might want to take the plunge.

1. You Have a Ute

If you have a ute, the first step is already in place. You can take your ute to the crane dealer and talk about installation. If you don't have a ute, you may be able to fit a ute crane onto a flatbed trailer. Otherwise, you may need to buy a ute or start to think about a full-sized crane.

2. You Want to Avoid Back Injuries

If you or your crew is constantly lifting heavy things out in the field, it's time to think about updating one of your vehicles with a ute crane. Whether you're lifting engines, timber, roofing materials, or anything else, a crane can do the hard work and save your back the strain. That can help you avoid aches, pains, and serious injuries that may make it impossible to work. In addition, if you protect your workers from injury, that helps you avoid insurance payouts and the costs of training new workers.

3. You Need to Use a Crane in a Tight Space

Ute cranes are more compact than other cranes. If you need to get into a tight spot, a ute crane may be a more effective choice than other options on the market. To give yourself maximum mobility, look for a crane with a 360-degree swivel and a relatively long boom. Then, you can get your ute as close as possible and rely on the crane to reach to your load.

4. You Plan to Work Outside

Ute cranes can only work in spaces where you can safely drive a vehicle, and because of the exhaust, you can't use a ute crane indoors. If you primarily work outside, a ute crane can work perfectly. On the other hand, if you have big projects coming up where you need a crane inside, you may want to opt for a mini crane or a folding floor crane.

5. Your Work Area is Relatively Level

With a four-wheel drive ute and a strong handbrake, you can get your ute crane into lots of slanted and sloped areas, but in cases where the ground is terribly uneven, you may not be able to get your ute in, even with four-wheel drive and off-road tyres. In these cases, you need a mobile crane. These cranes allow you to use jacks under any of the four legs of the crane, so that you can adjust the crane for uneven ground.